Fire At Sunset

Burning Brightly Through The Dark Of Night

Fire At Sunset is a Book, Album, Film and Website
created by William Archer Valenti

All content is the original writing, imagery and compositions authored and performed by William Archer Valenti

The Vision

"In the morning, fetch water, chop wood..."

"In the evening, fetch water, chop wood."

If you could read my mind...

My life would be so much easier and infinitely more difficult all at once if you all my thoughts appeared above my head in a bubble.

Refeshing the cycle of life.

If life had a reset button, nothing would mean anything. I believe in karma and reincarnation, but not enough to jump off a bridge and hope I can start all over.

Memories of the future.

I keep the past close enough in my heart to learn and far enough from my mind so it won't ruin the possibilities ahead.

Preferences and Settings

Try as I may, my emotions regarding events and circumstances are never according to the defaults I choose. I just do my best to control the actions and reactions to keep me pointing forward while leaving my bridges unburnt.

The Left Handed Monkey Wrench

Doesn't matter what I plan, the universe has its own ideas and always seems to make its move just after I make one. Damn. But, hey... if I had no plan and took no action, neither would the universe.

The Bucket List

I've managed to try so many things and see so many places and learn as much as anyone I know. There's still more to see, do and learn, and always will be. The only thing I want most to check off my list is to find my soul mate. And sadly, it is the only thing I can't do by myself. She has to find me, too. It's no accident it hasn't happened yet. It's only recently I found my own damn self.

The Voyage

The Past

The days leading up today are the foundation for who I am and what I do.

The Present

Today is the most important day of my life. Today is my best chance to be who I want to be and my only chance to prepare for what comes next.

The Future

Tomorrow... next week... next year... I choose to believe in them but not to trust them. So, I've set my sights, named my goals and keep an eye for opportunities.