the knowledge of light, lenses and time

and the passion for capturing a moment or creating one.

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For his tenth birthday, William received a Canon AE-1 rangefinder camera with one lens. Back in the day, that was kindof an expensive camera for a kid... but William had already been using his father's camera for a couple years... not to mention had also already started splicing tape on reel-to-reel decks and navigating Amtrak on his own, having to go between parents in two cities, but that is another story.

William began working for the student newspaper during his sophomore year in High School. He also contributed to the yearbook every year and had his photography and poetry published in the school's annual arts magazine. In college, William worked for the Daily Free Press at Boston University as a contributing photojournalist and editorialist.

In the years since, William has worked as a Freelance photographer for various publications and Websites and has photographed hundreds of professional and aspiring musicians and actors. He has said that his experience as a photographer and as a film/video director has helped him greatly as an actor because he can take direction well and also anticipate the camera movements and perspectives.