Music And Audio

The song of the Universe
is sung as math and sound

by the musician with numbers you hear and feel.

Original Music Samples

Produced By William Archer Valenti
Recorded and Engineered on location by the
Imagica Mobile Multi track Studio

Falling Forward
(Billy Valenti)

Ride Of The Contrary Warrior
(Billy Valenti)

Morning Sunshine
(Paradox Taxi)

The Road To Utopia
(Paradox Taxi)

The Will Of Landru
(Paradox Taxi)

Ocean Waves Goodbye
(William Archer)

Creating The Legend
(William Archer)

Laugh In The Rain
(William Archer)

Archer Vs. Valenti
(William Archer and Billy Valenti)




Soundtrack Compositions
And Foley Productions

The Electric Hummingbird


Coffee Shop Of The Damned